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What is a Princess Cut Diamond? A Classic and Elegant Choice

by Ahmed Suhail 18 Jul 2023 0 Comments

What is a Princess Cut Diamond? | A Classic and Elegant Choice!

Diamonds have been famous for centuries because of their unbeatable shine and timeless beauty. They symbolise love, money, and elegance, making these diamonds famous for formal occasions and celebrations. The princess-cut diamond is one of many different shapes, but it has grown more popular due to its refinement and versatility.

Due to its distinctive square shape and sparkling faceting, the princess cut diamond is famous for engagement rings on finger and other jewellery. People who want a blend of classic style and cutting-edge aesthetics choose this diamond cut.

Come along as we explore the allure of princess-cut diamonds and learn why they remain unrivalled in the world of fine jewellery.

What is a Princess Cut Diamond?

With its distinctive square or rectangular form, the princess-cut diamond is one of the most popular and valuable. This cut has several carefully matched facets that show off the diamond's fire and brightness.

A princess-cut diamond has a distinct faceting style that combines elements of both step-cut and brilliant-cut. 

  • The diamond's step-cut facets give it a unique, sleek, and geometric look, resembling parallel lines. 

  • On the other hand, the pavilion and crown facets of a brilliant-cut diamond make it shine.

Princess Cut Diamonds: History and Origins

Even while the princess cut seems relatively modern, it began in the 1960s. Arpad Nagy, a jeweller of the time, created the original notion of the princess cut. London-based diamond cutter Nagy set out to develop a cut that would optimise a diamond's brightness without distorting its square form.

However, it was in the 1970s that the princess cut took off. Israeli diamond cutter Ygal Perlman created the current princess cut by polishing Nagy's design. Perlman's alterations improved the diamond's brightness and fire, which included adding facets and cutting exact angles.

The princess cut has since become a standard in engagement rings and other forms of fine jewellery. Renowned jewellers and fashion designers have widely adopted the princess cut. 

Designers like Bez Ambar, Christopher Designs, and Mark Patterson have earned acclaim for their groundbreaking work with princess-cut diamonds.

Princess Cut Diamonds: Why Should You Buy One? 

Brilliant Sparkle and Fire: 

The remarkable brightness and fire of princess-cut diamonds have made them so popular. The mix of step-cut and brilliant facets shows a breathtaking light reflection and scintillation display. 

The brilliance of a diamond is due to the expert arrangement of its facets, which enhances its reflection of light.

Versatility and Suitability: 

Princess-cut diamonds are very adaptable, which is one of their main benefits. The princess diamond ring is a versatile shape for jewellery due to its square engagement rings or rectangular, which makes it suitable for use in various pieces.

The princess-cut diamond looks beautiful in various settings, such as a solitaire engagement ring, a pendant, or earrings. Its simple elegance complements traditional and cutting-edge aesthetics, making it a versatile design element.

Appearance Potential: 

The princess cut may make a diamond seem more significant than it is, which is another perk. Princess cuts are popular because their square form makes diamonds of the same carat weight look bigger than they are. 

This is helpful for those who want a large, flashy diamond but have a limited budget or need to stay inside a specific carat range. The princess cut may increase the appearance of a diamond's size without diminishing its overall attractiveness or sparkle.

Princess Cut Diamonds vs Other Diamond Shapes

The princess cut diamond stands out among popular diamond cuts like the round, emerald, and cushion cuts.

Comparison with Other Popular Diamond Cuts: 

The princess cut offers a distinct alternative to the brilliant round cut, the most popular diamond shape. While the round cut maximises brilliance and sparkle, the princess cut features a more contemporary and angular shape. 

Compared to the emerald cut, characterised by step-like facets and a rectangular shape, the princess cut has more parts and offers a more lavish display of brilliance and fire. In contrast to the cushion cut with rounded corners and a softer appearance, the princess cut showcases sharp, clean lines that create a modern and striking aesthetic.

Unique Attributes and Aesthetic Appeal: 

Many people have come to appreciate the princess-cut diamond because of its distinctive qualities. Its square diamond ring or rectangular ring offers a modern, chic appearance that will appeal to those who value traditional and cutting-edge design. 

A princess cut is an excellent option for people seeking a diamond with dazzling shine since the cut's many facets amplify the stone's natural brightness and fire. 

The princess cut's adaptability also becomes apparent in the setting options, ranging from simple solitaires to ornate halo and side stone arrangements. Same like white gold diamonds, and lab grown diamond, raw diamond.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Princess Cut Diamond:

Set a Budget: 

Set a realistic spending limit before beginning your search for a princess-cut diamond. Other than expensive diamonds this will assist you in focusing on gems that are within your financial means.

Prioritise Cut Quality: 

The sparkle and shine of a princess-cut diamond depend significantly on how well it got cut. Due to financial limits, you may have to sacrifice other preferences, such as colour or carat weight, in favour of superior cut quality.

Consider Optimal Carat Weight: 

When compared to other diamond shapes, princess cuts are more significant. You may have the same aesthetic effect with a lesser carat weight, so it's something to consider. It can help ensure the diamond is as big as possible while maintaining its quality.

Seek Expert Advice: 

If you need help, go to a trusted jeweller or diamond specialist. They will assist you in picking the most incredible diamond for your money and give you helpful advice.

How to Take Care of Princess Cut Diamonds? 

If you want your princess-cut diamond jewellery to look as good as the day you bought it, you must give it the TLC it deserves. The best methods for caring for princess-cut diamonds include the following:


If you want to maintain the shine of your princess-cut diamond jewellery, it is essential to clean it regularly to avoid accumulating dirt, oils, and residue. To clean the diamond carefully:

  1. Use a gentle detergent in warm water and a delicate brush.
  2. Make sure you give it a good rinsing and dry it with a lint-free towel.
  3. Do not expose the diamond or its setting to solid chemicals or abrasive materials. 


Put your princess-cut diamond jewellery away in a velvet bag or other protective case while not wearing it. Gems or softer metals can still scratch diamonds, despite their usual strength. Diamonds may cause severe damage if they come into contact with other jewellery.

Routine Checkups: 

Regularly having a specialist check the diamond is crucial to ensure it remains securely set in its mounting. A jeweller may examine the piece for any breakage, loose prongs, or other indications of wear. Also, they can clean and polish your jewellery to its former glory.

Expertise in a Field: 

If you want your princess-cut diamonds to retain their sparkle, you should have them cleaned and polished professionally. Re-tipping or re-pronging the diamond by a jeweller may help keep it in place.

Stay away from Dangerous Things: 

Princess-cut diamonds are notoriously hard to break, but you should still safeguard your jewellery. Do not wear it if you will be using chemicals, subjecting it to high temperatures, or risking impact. When doing strenuous activities like gardening, cleaning, or playing a sport, removing your diamond jewellery is best to protect it.


In conclusion, princess cut diamonds are popular because they shine brightly, can be used in many ways, and have a unique look. 

They have a classic beauty that appeals to jewellery lovers all around the globe. A princess cut is a beautiful option for any jewellery, including engagement rings , earrings, and necklaces. Princess-cut diamonds are a timeless addition to any jewellery collection, providing a touch of elegance to any event.

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