About Us

Since the beginning, Xclusive Diamonds has been a progressive and innovative business which has grown organically through its passion for diamonds, fashion and design. Our family consists of experts from all walks of life who have excelled due to their desire and loyalty to style.

Xclusive Diamonds is now firmly established as the UK and UAE diamond specialist. Giving quality and affordable prices is our mission. To achieve this and keep abreast of technological changes, we have dedicated all to our online shop and do not have shops with liabilities permitting us to give the savings to all our clients.

At Xclusive Diamonds, you will discover exclusive and breathtaking collections of exquisite diamonds, including engagement rings, eternity rings, necklaces, bracelets, Cubans and much more. Our expert vision inspires our jewellery collection. It can be something they have seen or dreamt about. Nonetheless, it is crafted to perfection, paying particular attention to the finest detail, making a piece that will last forever.

Our craze for diamonds and fashion means that we will constantly re-invest in our people, including tools, to make sure that we remain on top of the quality we believe is acceptable. Our jewellery endures strict scrutiny at each stage because we believe quality is paramount and must be preserved. Each piece will only continue its journey once our quality officers have passed it for it to move on to the next stage of the production process.

We understand and accept that everyone is different. This is why our dedicated, knowledgeable staff is passionate about our products and services. Our priority is to give you an exclusive experience and care about helping you find the right product for you. We will guide you through every step to assist you in your shopping journey, providing on-demand expert yet sincere advice and comprehensive after-sales service to answer any other questions.

Our clients are central to our business, and always prioritise client satisfaction. We love to engage with clients and get to know them because it is personal to us. We are not about making relations for today but for tomorrow, the day after and the future. This is why our social media team works around the clock for you to see all the latest updates with news and products we have to offer.