Here at Exclusive Diamonds, placing ethics at the heart of our business is an ethical and morally powerful commitment. The primary element is trust in our business's sustainable development. Of course, this cultural integrity is based on compliance with international law and regulations, but equally is our testament to standing united to better our world. Thus, this must and is entrenched by every member of the Exclusive Diamonds family regardless of position, nationality and location.

To evidence our devotion, we have replaced our code of ethics to be uniform with laws regulating climate change, making global awareness our top priority. This Code provides a framework to remind and educate everyone here at Xclusive Diamonds on what is expected of us in our professional activities. In addition, it defines our allegiance to the environment, which we are dedicated to protecting and how we as a business can not only minimise our impact but how we can make a positive contribution.

Furthermore, we are not afraid to revert to our Code to make necessary amendments to meet the needs of our ever-changing world, allowing us to identify when and where we can make a positive impact. It also allows us to identify corruption and influence-peddling. From this, we now have compliance officers whose sole responsibility is to ensure corporate compliance.

For this reason, we work with selected partners who must fall in line with global concerns. We use recycled products when it comes to our packaging and business cards to ensure sustainability, to protect our world.